Price list

Prices for bags: 

  Quantity, pcs.
Size, cm 20-50 50-100 From 100
16,0 hrn/pcs 15,0 hrn/pcs 15,5 hrn/pcs
19,0 hrn/pcs 18,0 hrn/pcs 16,0 hrn/pcs
20,5 hrn/pcs 19,5 hrn/pcs 17,0 hrn/pcs
21,0 hrn/pcs 20,0 hrn/pcs 17,5 hrn/pcs
24,0 hrn/pcs 23,0 hrn/pcs 21,0 hrn/pcs


Tailor-made bags (with logo or without):

  Size, cm Price, cm
From 200 psc
(without a print, without zipper, 1 color)
15 hrn/pcs
16 hrn/pcs
From 500 to 1000 pcs.
(a print, zipper, 1 color)
19 hrn/pcs
20 hrn/pcs
1000 pcs. and more
(a print, zipper, 1 color)
18 hrn/pcs
19 hrn/pcs


*Prices may vary depending on the number and complexity of the print. You can get all the information by phone..


Advantages of eco bags:

  • The most important thing is that they are made from natural materials (cotton, linen, oakum fibers) and from waste synthetic materials or secondary raw materials;
  • these bags are a kind of help to our environment, they are thrown away much less often than plastic bags;
  • when disposing eco-bags, much less harmful substances are released than when disposing plastic bags;
  • they are durable and long-lasting. They are easy to wash, if they get dirty and they do not lose the colour;
  • a bag with a logo is much more economical than a plastic bag, it will serve you for the same period for which you would use dozens, or even more, of plastic bags that at first glance seem cheaper, but in half a year or a year a decent amount accumulates. So why should you pay more?;
  • promo bags with company's print are fashionable, it's a diverse and stylish design for every day. You can take them to go shopping, to school, university, work or a date, adding a fashionable and comfortable thing to your individual image.
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